I think by now you all know how much I love classic fashion, especially when it’s provided for curves. These coats are definitely this seasons must have. My love for long coats is unexplainable. I admire long coats because they remind me of fashion icons that once existed. These days many people my age, which is 19, always tend to wear the same thing and Items that go out of fashion so quickly. Now of course that’s not a problem, everybody is completely different and has their own style. But with me because I have always been tall and curvy, I grew to love womanly fashion more.


For Instants, Next. Next provides me with classy fashion that will always flatter my figure. The coats I’m about to show you below are incredibly beautiful and they are items of clothing I’ll always keep. Being a fashion blogger for all sizes, I tend to stick with my own fashion trend, that will never go out of fashion. I think it’s important to spend money wisely on genuine items that you need. These coats are perfect for the lead up to summer, especially in rainy, cold England! But also after summer I can wear them again for winter! They are the type of coats that nobody will ever notice to go out of fashion, the check pattern is so unique and the beige reminds me a lot of Burberry. And well black, black never goes out of fashion.


I have always been a massive fan of Marilyn Monroe’s fashion style. Her style is very similar to mine. I love women who dress their curves in class, and not nudity. These days only one type of curve is being shown and I’m here to change that. Social media gives me the chance to embrace who I am as a person to help many women and even men out there. It’s important to me that the younger audience who are curvy and unique can look up to me when it comes to embracing curves in the right way instead of seeing what’s currently all over social media.


Below is a picture of Marilyn Monroe wearing one of her long trench coats and you can see exactly how these NEXT trench coats are very similar…




Next coat





I bought this coat in a regular fit, I have to say it again but it really does remind me of Burberry. I love the brown buttons and the contrast between the beige coat itself. I love the way the belt is made to define your waist once tied also. Having oversized coats is actually amazing, it dresses your figure perfectly whether your petite or curvy. I really liked how next also added some spare belts if one falls off, it was so lovely to see that as me being the dopy person I am will probably lose one at some point!



£ 90


This coat is a black and white check trench coat, it is exactly the same style but has a pattern. Therefor making it £25 more, but it’s worth it completely. These coats go with so many outfits, and they never get boring. This coat is a gingham trench coat with storm flap detail. Below is a picture of me wearing the coat.


I absolutely LOVE the large collars and how the coat goes in at the waist, so flattering. I do feel like Longer coats work best on longer people, shorter coats on shorter people. When you’re tall, it’s good to wear a coat that literally just about touches the floor. But if you’re shorter look for one that falls above the ankle. Another thing to remember is what to wear underneath, I recently did a NEXT Haul on YouTube which I will link below so you can watch it after reading this! I talk about how to dress outfits underneath big coats. I always think if you have a larger bust, look for a coat with a lower opening, rather than one that does up high. I love this coat as it flatters my figure so much and the large pockets are AMAZING!





I love this black coat as it goes with absolutely everything. You can easily style a black classic coat. My perfect outfit with this would be a white baggy T-shirt tucked into some black washed jeans and some gorgeous tan knee high boots! The detail you add to a black coat takes it far away from being boring. I’m telling you, one coloured scarf changes a black coat in a second!

check out next scarves here:



I have also attached my personal favourite:


I feel so happy that I’ve made more people aware of these coats available at next, I only ever promote things I genuinely like and I can strongly suggest every girl needs one of these coats at least.

Girls get yourself down to next and treat yourself!!!





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